Saturday, December 20, 2014

Scene # 8: Nurse Jack

Author Note: There are too many swoon worthy moments of Jack’s in JINGLE MY WAY, but this one always stands out to me.

“What am I going to do?”
“Let’s start by drying you off. We can go from there.”
Jack helped her out of the shower and lifted her to the bathroom counter, while he grabbed the stack of guest towels.
Nina murmured to herself and counted on her fingers as he dried her hair. “That still wouldn’t be enough.”
“What wouldn’t be enough?”
“I have nothing.”
“Is that what he said?” Jack hadn’t heard anything other than her throwing her phone.
“He’s right.” Nina covered her face. “I have no place to live, no way to pay my medical bills, and even if I did find a job, there’s no way their insurance would even take me.”
“Wait, he threatened to stop paying your bills?” Jack’s nostrils flared as his fists clenched. He wished he could’ve talked to that jerk in person. Jack would’ve loved to knock his teeth out for saying something like that to her.
“Listen to me.” Jack forced Nina to meet his eyes. “You don’t need him. I can help you get a place, cover your bills, and anything else you need.”
“Jack, you don’t even know me.”
“You’re right. I don’t know nearly as much as I want to, but I’m willing to wait as long as you need, just for a chance to know more about you.”
Nina looked more stunned. It saddened him when the simplest things amazed her.
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