Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Oh I never thought of that" #1 Getting Book Reviews

So I've been thinking of how I would document this new chapter in my writing journey and this is is what I've come up with.

This series will be my "oh I never thought about that" as they arise. Hopefully it will help you in your own journey.

#1 Getting Book Reviews

Kinda important right? Well I've been to at least 30 sites today to submit requests for JINGLE MY WAY and almost all the poor overwork reviewers are closed due to their high volumes of requests.

So here's a two for one. First, if you have a novel coming out, secure your book reviews months in advance. Also, if you love reading, become a book reviewer :0)

My hunt continues for book reviewers who are available and interested in Holiday Romance. If you know of any, please email me :0)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Jingle My Way Book Trailer

Jingle My Way Cover Reveal

My Bumpy Road to Publication

Hello world,

I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged, but I have a very good excuse. I’ve been working on finishing a number of projects this year. JINGLE MY WAY was one of them. It took quite a bit of editing and rewrites since I wrote the draft in 25 days (A NaNoWriMo Challenge)
Since I’ve only written YA and NA I honestly didn’t think my Adult Holiday Romance would interest anyone. So figure how surprised I was when the two queries I sent out all came back asking for the full manuscript.
Of course nothings certain until a contract is signed so I keep moving along with my plans to self publish. I’d already commissioned a cover artist. Weeks past and my prospects dwindled to 1. When the final publisher responded with a pass, I thought “bummer, but I’ll still self pub.” I love Holiday Novel’s. It’s really the only time of year where I’m specifically looking for a quick read. 
So I hired a content editor and began my marketing plan. The first tweet I sent about the book got a reply from the lovely Wendy Sparrow who suggested I query her publisher (Cerridwyn Publishing). I didn’t think it would amount to much, but I queried anyway and got yet another reply asking for the full manuscript.
A few more weeks passed and I was up to my eyeballs in PR and marketing for my Self Pub debut. I naturally assumed when I didn’t hear back from Cerridwyn that they’d passed as I suspected they would, but once again when I tweeted a link to the books facebook page (Click Here) I got a reply from Cerridwyn explaining that they were still reviewing the book. (I guess I should never assume, right)
So the following morning I received the best email ever, an offer to publish my novel. (Yay!) It’s been an amazing process so far, going through the edits, and It's finally done. I’ll admit I was worried that contracting with a publisher would mean I no longer had a say in my own story, but it’s been the total opposite. Jenn, my editor is funny, honest, and sometimes brutal (her words, not mine), whose given me more confidence in my words than I ever had before.
So JINGLE MY WAY will be available in ebook November 5, 2013 (Yes, tomorrow). I’ve provided a little blurb below:
When Nina head to Colorado to spend Christmas with her family alone, no one knows she’s planning to end her loveless marriage. Still reeling from his botched marriage proposal, newly single Jack wonders if he’ll ever love a woman enough to pop the question. The holiday’s have a way of bringing lonely hearts together, especially those sleeping under one roof. Nina’s heart may be damaged beyond repair, but that doesn’t stop Jack from trying to steal it away.