Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Scene #5: Mistaken Identity

 Author Note: This was a scene I envisioned years ago before there was ever a Nina or Jack. I’d filed it away for a future story and when I started developing JINGLE MY WAY it was as if the puzzle was finally complete.

Angie and her spoiled ass, Jack thought as he finished his coffee. He poured another cup and was about to take it to Jason, who was shoveling the driveway, when the idea came to him that if he waited a few more minutes, Jason wouldn’t need his help.
Jack had a hard enough time dealing with Angie, and now her sister was coming. He hadn’t officially met her, but based on her pictures he was expecting a fat, older, and probably bitchier version of Angie to walk through the door.
“Thanks for the coffee,” Angie said as her arms wrapped around Jack from behind. “But I was hoping for something a little stiffer this morning.”
Jack’s mouth full of coffee went spraying all over the window when she grabbed his crotch. “I’m Jack!” he yelled.
She screamed.
The front door swung open and Jason rushed in half-covered in snow. “What? What happened?”
A tearful Angie feverishly scrubbed her hands and the window with a sponge.
“Get out!” she screamed.
“No one told you to come in here feeling on people.” Jack shook off the disturbing flashback.
“You what?” Jason asked Angie.
“I thought he was you.” Angie pointed to Jason. Her face bordered on purple. All Jack could do was throw up his hands.
Jason crossed the room and embraced his wife. “I told you not to drink out of my mug.”
“That’s bull. She couldn’t see it and shouldn’t your own wife be able to tell us apart?” Jack asked.
People confused him and Jason all the time, but it wasn’t like they were twins. Sure they had the same build and hair cut, but that’s where the comparisons stopped. Jack was the older, rugged outdoorsmen, while Jason opted for the preppy-tech-geek vibe. Plus, Jack was at least an inch taller.
“I want him out,” Angie whimpered as Jason coddled her.
“I bet you can tell the difference now,” Jack said as he took a sip of her coffee.
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