I'm really not as mean as I look. It was a long day.
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T. Romel Blossom was born in Los Angeles, California. A graduate of California State University, Northridge with B.A.’s in Screenwriting and Social Science. In 2009 T. Romel began writing ner first novel, True Beginnings: Genesis, inspired by the illustrious scenery of Downtown Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., two of her favorite places. Today, she resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and continues to write both novels and films.

What you should really know about me?

I am in love with words, more than I feel any human should be. My first love was music, how the lyrics of a song could move a person to tears or laughter intrigued me. Once I got over the youthful faciations of being a star, I began to use writing as a way of experession.

Screenwriting was a natual progression from the short stories I wrote in college, but somehow I never saw novel writing coming. Though film and telelvision is still a large part of my life, whenever I need a little getaway I pick up a book and it instantly transports me out of my world and into it's pages; no HD, Green Screen, or Big Budgets needed.