Sunday, December 14, 2014

Scene #2: The Search for a Tree

Author Note: Jack and Nina had many warm moments throughout the book but this was one of my favorites:

“So you think being romantic means being a fool?” Nina asked.
“No. It’s alright for some people.”
“Just not for you?”
“I honestly don’t know yet. I think guys like my dad and Jason act the way that they do because of the women they married. I mean what man in his right mind would coordinate with a dozen different florists, a flash mob, and have an entire street shut down for his wife’s twenty-ninth birthday. That’s not even a major birthday.”
“Yes, it is. It’s the end of the twenties. I thought it was sweet and inventive, and I know Angie loved every second of it.”
“Yeah, but what makes a guy think of something like that?”
“Knowing his spouse,” Nina said. “Jason does those elaborate things for Angie because he knows that she’ll love it. I’m sure in your relationships you did things to make your girlfriends smile or just to show her you loved her.”
“Yeah, but never to that level.”
“Maybe not yet, but someday you’ll meet someone who will change you.”
“You think so?” Jack asked as they circled the lot for a second time.
“I’m certain of it.”
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  1. Nice touch, that a woman would think of the 29th birthday as a major occasion.


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