Friday, December 19, 2014

Scene #7: The Jingle Kiss

Author Note: Here’s another one of my favorites scene’s with cute little Alice:

Nina was in her own world with Justin asleep in her arms. She wanted to close her eyes and pretend his kissable cheeks and perfect fingers where all hers. If she could love her nephew this much, she couldn’t even imagine how she would feel for her own child. She couldn’t resist kissing his cheeks again and again.
“Nina, do you want me to take him?” Angie broke her spell.
Nina had completely forgotten about the tree, but it looked like Jason and Alice had it covered. “No, I’m good. I’ve got a year of catching up to do.”
“Okay.” Angie went back to the tree.
Nina spotted Jack watching her from across the room. He didn’t make any attempts to hide it.
“Mommy, can I ring the jingle bell now?” Alice asked.
“Oh yeah, where is the bell, babe?” Jason asked.
“Right here.” Jack gave it a ring.
“Ooh, you gotta give a kissy,” Alice said as she ran over to him, sticking out her cheek.
“No, remember a kid has to ring the bell,” Jack said. “But just because you’re so cute, I’ll give you one.” He placed a big smack of a kiss on Alice’s cheek before giving her the bell.
Alice quickly ran over to Nina and rang the bell in her face. “Careful, Alice, you don’t want to wake your brother,” Nina whispered and quieted the bell. “But I’d love to give you a kissy.”
Alice shook her head. “Not me. Uncle Jack.”
Nina’s eyes widened.
“No, no, no,” Angie said, grabbing Alice by the hand. “The jingle bell is only for couple’s sweetie, like mommy and daddy.”
“But what about Auntie Ni-Ni?”
Nina’s throat tightened at the thought that even her four year old niece knew she was alone. The air suddenly felt thick with pity as Aaron Neville’s Please Come Home for Christmas blared from the surround-sound speakers.

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