June 2013 UPDATE
All future updates of the Series can be found at Grievance's official blog.

June 2012 UPDATE
Okay, guys be prepared in a just a few short week you'll all get the first peek at the Grievance cast. I just got a look at the sketches and I'm cheesing so hard my face hurts. 

February 2012 UPDATE
The world of Grievance is starting to take shape, with new web designs and illustrations being created as I type. It's amazing to see it all come to life. Combined with heart pounding drama and unforgettable characters, I know the Grievance site will soon be a favorites link of many.

Title Change

It's taken a while to come up with a name for this series. I thought just naming it after the High School would do the trick, but after writing the first episode i knew the two just didn't match. I had this word stuck in my head and outlining the next few episodes it started to click.
It sums up the story and speaks to every single storyline so perfectly. So going forward CRISSANA HIGH will now be known as GRIEVANCE.

And We Have Names

and Ellie
Stay tuned for more on these guys.

I know one thing. Whoever is behind this prank is in big trouble.

New E-Series 

What is an E-Series you ask?

Well, in short it's a series of literary episodes. You'll be able to check back Bi-weekly and read the continuation of the story as well as illustrations.

I'm currently casting characters that will fit this medium as well as contributing writers.