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All I Want Is You (Book Trailer)

The wait is finally over. I am pleased to announce my new Novella. Available Feb 3rd.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Scene #10: Lost and Found

Author Note: Here are a few more secondary characters who helped make Jack and Nina's story unforgetable.

Nina had colored, played blocks, watched cartoons, changed diapers, and even washed a load of clothes while Angie was napping. Now she was exhausted. Nina was attempting to keep Justin occupied in the dining room while Angie got dinner started.
“I’m home,” Jason announced.
Justin wiggled off of Nina’s lap and speed-crawled down the hall.
“Look at my dude on the move,” Jason said.
Nina observed how he so effortlessly scooped Justin up, and sought out Angie to give her a kiss. “Hey babe, where’s my princess?”
“Watching cartoons, as usual.”
“Oh, she can’t even come give her daddy a kiss?” Jason yelled, and Alice came running to greet him.
“Daddy, Auntie Ni-Ni and me colored and played and read stories and played Barbie’s and Justin knocked down allthe blocks. And mommy took a long, long, long nap.”
“Oh really? Ang, you feeling all right?”
“I was just a little tired, but I’m good now, thanks to Nina.”
Jason turned, finally noticing Nina setting the dining table. “Thank you.”
“It’s no problem. We had a blast,” she said with a yawn.
“Well, I’m home now. I can take the kids if you two wanna go do something.”
“No, you just got home. Hang out with your family. I’m going to get a run in before dinner. There’s a trail near here right?”
“Yeah, you just take a right as soon as you’re out of the yard, you can’t miss it,” Jason said.
“Do you wanna wear my coat?” Angie asked. Nina was flattered by the offer. She’d been at least fifty pounds heavier than Angie all their lives.
“Sure,” Nina said with even more motivation to work off the animal crackers she’d had with the kids. Holidays or not, she always had to be mindful of her weight for her heart and herself. She felt stronger now that she was healthier. There was no joy compared to the day she learned she was no longer labeled as obese or overweight. Losing the pounds was far from easy and chart-wise she was still twenty pounds heavier than ideal, but as far as Nina was concerned, she was there.
Nina borrowed a pair of gloves and earmuffs from Angie and headed out. It was pretty chilly, especially with the sun setting, but the view of snow-capped mountains and Christmas decorations all over the neighborhood immediately warmed her soul. Beautiful bows and glittery signs adorned the streetlights and signs. It was a real community, something she missed about growing up in Palos Verdes.
Nina couldn’t have been prouder of her little sister. Angie had a beautiful home, a loving husband, and two adorable kids. Some people probably would’ve expected Nina to be jealous, but she was honestly so happy to see Angie’s life and to be a part of it. The weeks following her heart surgery, all she could think about was leaving her sister alone in the world; they had a few cousins sprinkled around the country, but no one they knew. As far as she and Angie were concerned, it was just the two of them. At least her sister would always have Jason.
Jack hadn’t been back to the house all day, and Nina sure didn’t miss him after how rude he was to her that morning. It went to show she had the most screwed up taste in men. Her entire dating history was comprised of one asshole after another and then she ended up marrying the guy that could’ve been their leader. If she ever did leave Michael, she’d have to make sure her man radar was rebuilt from the ground up.
By the time Nina stopped to catch her breath it was too dark to see the mountains anymore. She turned to head back, but couldn’t remember from which direction she’d come.
She reached in her pocket and realized she’d also forgotten her phone.
“Dang it.”
Her horrible sense of direction was what led Michael to hire a full-time driver, so he didn’t have to be bothered by her calls. “Come on, think, Nina.” She paced under a streetlight. It also didn’t help that she was nearly night-blind. The street names looked like Rorschach’s. “I could follow my footprints.” She jogged along the path, grinning at her genius, until she saw two sets of footprints heading in opposite directions. Why hadn’t she been paying attention to the signs? And why couldn’t she remember the name of Angie’s street? The cold started to set in as she walked block after block, looking for something familiar.
When her teeth started to chatter Nina knew it was time to ask for help, but she felt weird just walking up to someone’s door. Luckily, she spotted a worker’s van in one of the driveways. A friendly looking construction worker was on his way inside.
“Excuse me!” Nina called as she approached the portly man with salt and pepper hair.
“How can I help you?” he asked with his mouth half full.
“I’m visiting my sister. I’m a little lost, and was hoping I could use your phone to call her.”
A gust of wind felt like an icy slap to her face. “Oh my god, it’s cold.”
“Please, come inside.”
Nina raised an eyebrow. He didn’t look dangerous, but she’d seen too many Lifetime movies not to be suspicious. “Oh, no thank you. If I could just use your cell phone. It’ll only be a minute.”
“I could go inside and get it, but you might be frozen by the time I get back. Please, come inside. My wife would kill me if she knew I left a young woman standing out in the cold. I’m Dale by the way.” He extended his hand.
Nina pulled off her glove to shake it, and boy was she sorry. Her whole hand numbed immediately. “Okay, maybe just for a few seconds.”
She stepped inside a lovely foyer. The rest of the rooms were taped off.
“Can I get you something to eat, a cup of coffee, my retirement fund?” Dale asked.
Nina smiled. “Just a phone, please. I really want to get back before my sister starts to worry.”
“Sure thing,” he said, openly staring at her. “I think I might have left it upstairs. You stay right here, and I’ll go grab it.” He nearly tripped three times looking back at her as he rushed up the stairs.

Jack was happy to see the leak wasn’t as bad as he’d expected and the crew had really hauled ass to get it fixed, but now there was a problem with the new rain showerhead. “It’s dented,” Jack said.
“Don’t look dented to me,” Richie, his newest project manager, said, measuring the showerhead.
“What’s that supposed to tell you?” Jack asked, whacking him with his clipboard. “Go get a damn level.”
“Boss!” Dale yelled out of breath.
Dale paused in the doorway clutching his chest. “There’s a…pretty…lady…down…Merry Christmas.”
“What are you talking about?”
Dale was too out of breath to speak so he used his hands to mime a pair of breasts before giving two thumbs up.
“Are you saying you left a strange woman alone in a client’s house?” Jack asked, rushing past him. “You have seriously lost your mind.”
Jack rushed downstairs and paused when he saw Nina standing in the foyer.
Dale crashed into his back and pushed him the rest of the way. “Told you,” Dale whispered.
Nina looked up, and immediately scowled at Jack.
“My bad, abort, abort,” Dale whispered, trying to pull Jack back upstairs.
“How did you…what are you doing here?” Jack asked as he ripped his arm free and approached her.
“I got lost and needed a phone to call Angie. What are you doing here?”
“This is one of my jobs. You didn’t see the big Spears Construction van outside?”
Nina huffed, looking embarrassed. “I have really bad night vision, all right? Now if you’ll be so kind as to point me in the direction of Angie and Jason’s, I’ll leave.”
“Are you crazy? It’s like ten blocks away and ten degrees outside. I’ll drive you. Just give me five minutes.”
“That’s all right I’d rather walk.”
“Damn, she is not into you,” Dale chimed in.
Jack turned to see him sitting on the stairs shaking his head. “Dale, go make sure the showerhead is leveled,” Jack barked. “Nina, would you please let me drive you? I can’t have you walking around here in the cold.”
She looked like she was thinking it over. “Fine,” she said as she stomped past him and sat on the stairs.
Jack didn’t even know where to begin with an apology. He hoped he had at least another hour to figure it out before he went back to the house. Angie was easy, she’d shut up as soon as she got what she wanted, but Nina didn’t look like she was in a forgiving mood at all.
“I know you’re mad about how I acted earlier. I’m really sorry. I’ve been thinking about it all day, which is sort why I’m here instead of at dinner.”
“Save your apologies for my sister. She was having a really rough morning and didn’t need your antagonizing. You would think you would’ve picked up on that, instead of making it all about you,” Nina snapped. Her nose got even redder. Combined with her puffy jacket and earmuffs, Jack thought she looked like Alice after one of her tantrums.
He fought the urge to grin. “You’re right. I was wrong for yelling at her like that, which is why I went ahead and put the order in for the skylight this afternoon, and I really didn’t mean to snap at you.”
“We’re all set, boss,” Dale said, coming back downstairs.
“Good. You and Richie lock up while I get Nina home.”

Jack extended his hand and she actually took it. “Are you ever not freezing?” he asked, blowing into her hand. “How long have you been out there?”
“I’m not sure,” Nina responded in a calmer voice.
Jack opened the passenger door and spotted Dale and Richie giving him a thumbs up as he helped Nina into his SUV.
“Joy to the world,” Dale sang as he went back inside.

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Scene #9: Nobody puts Eve in the corner

Author Note: Another cool thing that happens when you’re writing a novel are the surprise characters. In my mind Eve was one of those no name easily forgotten characters, but even her small appearances were larger than life. Everytime I think about her I laugh and this scene is big reason why.

Jack had been replaying last night in his head for hours and he still couldn’t figure out what he said to make Nina so upset. “Eve!” he shouted.
“Yes, boss?” she entered, wearing a pair of pink snow boots with a matching sweater.
“Can I run something by you?”
“Lord, I thought you’d never ask.” She locked the door and sprinted toward his desk.
Jacks eyes widened when she gripped the bottom of her sweater. “Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?”
“I thought you wanted to…”
“No, no, no. I wanted to ask you a question. And remind me to schedule you another one of those sexual harassment classes for the New Year.”
“Hey, a girl in my position always needs to be prepared.”
“No, you don’t,” he said, shaking his head. “Not ever…in that way…with me…at all.”
“All right. You’ve made your point,” she said, folding her arms. “So what was this question you wanted to ask?”
“Okay, have a seat, which is not an invitation to my lap. I mean the chair sitting on the opposite side of my desk.”
Eve rolled her eyes as she sat. “One little accidental lap dance at the Christmas party and suddenly everybody’s got a problem,” she whispered under her breath.
“Say you’re babysitting, the kids are screaming their heads off and everything is just madness, and I come in.”
“What are you wearing?”
“Eve, please.”
“As I was saying, I come in, help you get the kids to sleep. I make a joke about you being glad you don’t have any. Is there anything about that scenario that would make a woman cry?”
“Me personally? No, but I can’t stand kids. They’re so little and sticky.” She made a sour face.
“Okay, but is there a type of woman that would be offended by that joke?”
“I don’t know, maybe to somebody who wanted one, but couldn’t have any.”
Jack slapped his forehead. He remembered Jason and Angie saying Nina couldn’t have kids after her heart attack. “I cannot believe I said that to her.”
“You mean the streetwalker Dale found for you?” Eve asked sarcastically.
Jack felt like steam was about to burst from his ears. “She is not…,” he paused to check his temper. Eve had gotten the brunt of his wrath over the past month; he’d already doubled her Christmas bonus as a result. One more outburst would’ve sparked him to write a whole new check. “You can go.”
“It was just a joke,” she explained as she headed for the exit.
“Well, it’s not funny, and I don’t want to hear it again.”
“Whatever you say. By the way, what are you even doing here?”
Jack looked down at his empty desk. He really didn’t have a reason to be there. He just didn’t want to risk hurting Nina’s feelings anymore than he already had.
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Scene # 8: Nurse Jack

Author Note: There are too many swoon worthy moments of Jack’s in JINGLE MY WAY, but this one always stands out to me.

“What am I going to do?”
“Let’s start by drying you off. We can go from there.”
Jack helped her out of the shower and lifted her to the bathroom counter, while he grabbed the stack of guest towels.
Nina murmured to herself and counted on her fingers as he dried her hair. “That still wouldn’t be enough.”
“What wouldn’t be enough?”
“I have nothing.”
“Is that what he said?” Jack hadn’t heard anything other than her throwing her phone.
“He’s right.” Nina covered her face. “I have no place to live, no way to pay my medical bills, and even if I did find a job, there’s no way their insurance would even take me.”
“Wait, he threatened to stop paying your bills?” Jack’s nostrils flared as his fists clenched. He wished he could’ve talked to that jerk in person. Jack would’ve loved to knock his teeth out for saying something like that to her.
“Listen to me.” Jack forced Nina to meet his eyes. “You don’t need him. I can help you get a place, cover your bills, and anything else you need.”
“Jack, you don’t even know me.”
“You’re right. I don’t know nearly as much as I want to, but I’m willing to wait as long as you need, just for a chance to know more about you.”
Nina looked more stunned. It saddened him when the simplest things amazed her.
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Friday, December 19, 2014

Scene #7: The Jingle Kiss

Author Note: Here’s another one of my favorites scene’s with cute little Alice:

Nina was in her own world with Justin asleep in her arms. She wanted to close her eyes and pretend his kissable cheeks and perfect fingers where all hers. If she could love her nephew this much, she couldn’t even imagine how she would feel for her own child. She couldn’t resist kissing his cheeks again and again.
“Nina, do you want me to take him?” Angie broke her spell.
Nina had completely forgotten about the tree, but it looked like Jason and Alice had it covered. “No, I’m good. I’ve got a year of catching up to do.”
“Okay.” Angie went back to the tree.
Nina spotted Jack watching her from across the room. He didn’t make any attempts to hide it.
“Mommy, can I ring the jingle bell now?” Alice asked.
“Oh yeah, where is the bell, babe?” Jason asked.
“Right here.” Jack gave it a ring.
“Ooh, you gotta give a kissy,” Alice said as she ran over to him, sticking out her cheek.
“No, remember a kid has to ring the bell,” Jack said. “But just because you’re so cute, I’ll give you one.” He placed a big smack of a kiss on Alice’s cheek before giving her the bell.
Alice quickly ran over to Nina and rang the bell in her face. “Careful, Alice, you don’t want to wake your brother,” Nina whispered and quieted the bell. “But I’d love to give you a kissy.”
Alice shook her head. “Not me. Uncle Jack.”
Nina’s eyes widened.
“No, no, no,” Angie said, grabbing Alice by the hand. “The jingle bell is only for couple’s sweetie, like mommy and daddy.”
“But what about Auntie Ni-Ni?”
Nina’s throat tightened at the thought that even her four year old niece knew she was alone. The air suddenly felt thick with pity as Aaron Neville’s Please Come Home for Christmas blared from the surround-sound speakers.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Scene #6: The Great Debate Holiday Movies vs. Holiday Music.

Author Note: When you’re writing a novel, especially the first draft, you kind of have to fall in love with your own characters to maintain the dedication it takes to not only finish the draft but continue to edit, revise and eventually query your novel. This was the scene where I fell in love with Jack and Nina.

Nina looked up to find him standing in the entryway. “Help me?” She scooped up all of the remotes.
Jack smiled as he sat beside her and returned the remotes to the tray. “It’s a trick.” He reached under the sofa and retrieved a seventh remote. “Jason thinks if he hides the remote when he goes to sleep that it will still be on ESPN when he wakes up.”
“That is just cruel. I’ve been trying figure these things out for at least ten minutes.”
“Looks like I showed up just in time.”
“I thought you were asleep.”
“Who me? The night’s just getting started. How about a movie?”
“This is my favorite part of the holidays, next to the food,” Jack stretched out his legs on the ottoman.
Nina loved the feel of Christmas. The music playing in the background while the aroma of pine, fruits, and nuts swirled in the warm and cozy heat of the fireplace. Angie had made sure every inch of her house exuded Christmas spirit, down to the poinsettia embroidered pillows on the sofa. “I like the music better than the movies. The holiday never seems big enough in the stories for me.”
“Oh come on A Christmas Story? That’s all about Christmas.”
“Nope. It’s about presents,” Nina said.
Miracle on 34th Street?”
“The belief in Santa Claus.”
“Story about an outsider.”
“That’s cold. I can’t believe you can hate on the red nose reindeer.”
“I’m just telling the truth.” Nina sipped some water.
“So…were you gonna eat anything today?” Jack said, keeping his eyes on the television.
“Are you my overnight nurse?”
“No, but if you pass out on my watch, your sister might slit my throat while I sleep.”
“Why do the two of you bicker so much?” Nina asked.
“I don’t know. She just doesn’t like me.”
To Nina, it seemed to be the other way around. She could still see Angie’s mouth drop when she came down the aisle to find Jason standing at the altar alone. Jack struck her as being more of a jokester than intentionally hurtful.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Scene #5: Mistaken Identity

 Author Note: This was a scene I envisioned years ago before there was ever a Nina or Jack. I’d filed it away for a future story and when I started developing JINGLE MY WAY it was as if the puzzle was finally complete.

Angie and her spoiled ass, Jack thought as he finished his coffee. He poured another cup and was about to take it to Jason, who was shoveling the driveway, when the idea came to him that if he waited a few more minutes, Jason wouldn’t need his help.
Jack had a hard enough time dealing with Angie, and now her sister was coming. He hadn’t officially met her, but based on her pictures he was expecting a fat, older, and probably bitchier version of Angie to walk through the door.
“Thanks for the coffee,” Angie said as her arms wrapped around Jack from behind. “But I was hoping for something a little stiffer this morning.”
Jack’s mouth full of coffee went spraying all over the window when she grabbed his crotch. “I’m Jack!” he yelled.
She screamed.
The front door swung open and Jason rushed in half-covered in snow. “What? What happened?”
A tearful Angie feverishly scrubbed her hands and the window with a sponge.
“Get out!” she screamed.
“No one told you to come in here feeling on people.” Jack shook off the disturbing flashback.
“You what?” Jason asked Angie.
“I thought he was you.” Angie pointed to Jason. Her face bordered on purple. All Jack could do was throw up his hands.
Jason crossed the room and embraced his wife. “I told you not to drink out of my mug.”
“That’s bull. She couldn’t see it and shouldn’t your own wife be able to tell us apart?” Jack asked.
People confused him and Jason all the time, but it wasn’t like they were twins. Sure they had the same build and hair cut, but that’s where the comparisons stopped. Jack was the older, rugged outdoorsmen, while Jason opted for the preppy-tech-geek vibe. Plus, Jack was at least an inch taller.
“I want him out,” Angie whimpered as Jason coddled her.
“I bet you can tell the difference now,” Jack said as he took a sip of her coffee.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Scene #4: PDA

Author Note: This is just one example of why so many readers have fallen hard for Jack Spears.  

Jack pulled her on to his lap when she tried to walk past him. “Don’t get all sad-faced on me now that the kids are sleep, because I will wake those little rug rats up.”
“I’m not.”
“You’re lying.”
“Okay, maybe I am, but I don’t know how to help it.”
“Nina, you’re gonna be all right. You know how I know?”
“Because I’d never let anything happen to you. I have a couple of places you can stay, and I could really use some extra help around my office. If that doesn’t work I’ve got clients in high places. I’ll find you something.”
“Jack, that’s very sweet of you and I know it’s coming from a good place, but the last thing I need right now is a hero.”
Nina removed his arms from her waist before standing and pushed the stroller toward the exit. Jack grabbed her hips from behind, pulling her back against his warm body. “Why won’t you let me help you?” he whispered as his hand followed the curve of her hip.
Nina’s mouth dropped as he caressed her hips. “Can you not feel me up in front of all of these kids?”
“Answer the question and I’ll stop.”
Nina spotted two women giving her a shameful glare as he swept her hair over one shoulder and kissed her neck. “There are people staring at us.”
“Just answer the question. Or you can tell me to stop.”
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Scene #3: The Mystery Bells

Author Note: This scene still makes me laugh every time I read it.

Jack pulled off his coat and washed his hands before joining her in the kitchen.
“You’re just in time to whip,” Nina said as he walked up behind her. She turned right into his chest, sending heavy cream running down his sweater, there was a strange jingle coming from somewhere. “I am so sorry.”
The jingles continued as she grabbed a towel while Jack took the bowl.
“It was my fault for sneaking up on you.”
She patted his sweater dry, and Jack made no attempt to stop her. He liked having her close, even if meant having cream soak through his sweater.
“Where is that ringing coming from,” she asked spinning around.
Jack smiled as he grabbed her hips and the jingles stopped. He gave her hips a shake and the jingles started again.
“It’s coming from you. Do you have a piercing you haven’t told me about?” he joked.
“It’s not me,” Nina said, but when she bounced the jingles continued.
Jack reached inside her apron pocket and pulled out a handful of Christmas bells. “Must be a sign.”
“Or more like Angie and Jason.” Nina smiled.
“Those two are sickening.”
“I think they’re sweet.”
“Wonder if you’ll still think that when you look up?” Jack asked as he pointed over her head. Nina’s eyes held the distinct look of terror when she realized she was standing under the mistletoe.
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Scene #2: The Search for a Tree

Author Note: Jack and Nina had many warm moments throughout the book but this was one of my favorites:

“So you think being romantic means being a fool?” Nina asked.
“No. It’s alright for some people.”
“Just not for you?”
“I honestly don’t know yet. I think guys like my dad and Jason act the way that they do because of the women they married. I mean what man in his right mind would coordinate with a dozen different florists, a flash mob, and have an entire street shut down for his wife’s twenty-ninth birthday. That’s not even a major birthday.”
“Yes, it is. It’s the end of the twenties. I thought it was sweet and inventive, and I know Angie loved every second of it.”
“Yeah, but what makes a guy think of something like that?”
“Knowing his spouse,” Nina said. “Jason does those elaborate things for Angie because he knows that she’ll love it. I’m sure in your relationships you did things to make your girlfriends smile or just to show her you loved her.”
“Yeah, but never to that level.”
“Maybe not yet, but someday you’ll meet someone who will change you.”
“You think so?” Jack asked as they circled the lot for a second time.
“I’m certain of it.”
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Scene #1: Nina's favorite Song

Author Note: There were many awesome songs referenced in JINGLE MY WAY, but this one is hands down my favorite. I had so much fun writing this scene , I think I played this song about a thousand times in the process.

Once they were out of decorations, Nina and Jack followed a few of the downtown carolers as they stopped to perform at all of the local shops. They were so festive in their ugly holiday sweaters and reindeer antlers. Nina loved the three little boys singing off-key and turning every song into a boy band performance.
Jack had been clicking away on his phone still searching for her favorite Christmas song. He was down to his last ten minutes.
“You should just give up. You’re never going to guess.”
“Jackson Spears is no quitter,” He hadn’t even noticed he was headed straight for the Salvation Army Santa ringing his bell on the corner.
“Ho, ho, whoa there, Jack,” Santa said.
Jack looked up just short of colliding with the donation bucket. “Hey Bill, you’re just the guy I was looking for.”
“What can I do for you?”
Jack whispered something in his ear. A second later Santa Bill peeked around his arm and waved at Nina.
“I think I could manage that,” Santa Bill said.
“Thanks.” Jack deposited a couple of twenties into the donation bucket, and Santa Bill rang his bell.
“Merry Christmas,” Nina said, pulling some cash out of her pocket. After she placed her donation in the bucket, Jack grabbed her hand with a smug grin.
“What was that about?” she asked.
“You’ll see soon enough.”
They rounded a corner and stopped at a large gazebo, which looked to be closed for the night.
“Aw man, looks like we’re too late. They only turn it on for a couple of hours a night, but when it’s all lit up, this place is packed.” Just then the lights on the gazebo turned on and lit up the entire square. Nina’s eyes widened to take it all in. There were thousands of twinkling white lights covering every inch of it and the largest mistletoe she’d ever seen hanging in the center.
Her favorite song, That’s What I Want for Christmas by Nancy Wilson blaring out of the gazebo speakers rendered her speechless.
“I told you, I never quit.”
She looked up at him in shock. “How…”
“Angie’s a lot nicer in text messages than she is in person.”
Nina smiled until her cheeks hurt. She couldn’t even be upset that he technically cheated. She just kept staring at him. He wasn’t even acting smug about it.
“Shall we?” Jack pulled her toward the gazebo.
“Wait, hold on.” Nina jerked her hand free. “I can’t.”
“Sure, you can.” He reached for zipper of her coat, but Nina stepped back.
“No, I mean, I can’t dance. I don’t know how.”
“Are you serious?”
It was embarrassing, but true. Nina had never danced with a man. Even on her wedding day, Michael said there was no need for a first dance when there was no one but the two of them to witness it. She didn’t want to go down the list of memories and experiences she felt cheated out of because of her husband.
“Then let me teach you.” Jack winked.
“I don’t know.” What if she was a horrible dance partner? She didn’t want Jack to witness that. Her little crush was quickly morphing into something more. She should not have been having this much fun.
Jack approached her. “In that case, I’m amending my prize. Now you owe me a dance.”
“You can’t do that.” Nina smiled as he unzipped her jacket and the sides of her pants.
“Who’s gonna stop me?”
Nina sure as hell wasn’t.

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I'm alive :)

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