Thursday, December 18, 2014

Scene #6: The Great Debate Holiday Movies vs. Holiday Music.

Author Note: When you’re writing a novel, especially the first draft, you kind of have to fall in love with your own characters to maintain the dedication it takes to not only finish the draft but continue to edit, revise and eventually query your novel. This was the scene where I fell in love with Jack and Nina.

Nina looked up to find him standing in the entryway. “Help me?” She scooped up all of the remotes.
Jack smiled as he sat beside her and returned the remotes to the tray. “It’s a trick.” He reached under the sofa and retrieved a seventh remote. “Jason thinks if he hides the remote when he goes to sleep that it will still be on ESPN when he wakes up.”
“That is just cruel. I’ve been trying figure these things out for at least ten minutes.”
“Looks like I showed up just in time.”
“I thought you were asleep.”
“Who me? The night’s just getting started. How about a movie?”
“This is my favorite part of the holidays, next to the food,” Jack stretched out his legs on the ottoman.
Nina loved the feel of Christmas. The music playing in the background while the aroma of pine, fruits, and nuts swirled in the warm and cozy heat of the fireplace. Angie had made sure every inch of her house exuded Christmas spirit, down to the poinsettia embroidered pillows on the sofa. “I like the music better than the movies. The holiday never seems big enough in the stories for me.”
“Oh come on A Christmas Story? That’s all about Christmas.”
“Nope. It’s about presents,” Nina said.
Miracle on 34th Street?”
“The belief in Santa Claus.”
“Story about an outsider.”
“That’s cold. I can’t believe you can hate on the red nose reindeer.”
“I’m just telling the truth.” Nina sipped some water.
“So…were you gonna eat anything today?” Jack said, keeping his eyes on the television.
“Are you my overnight nurse?”
“No, but if you pass out on my watch, your sister might slit my throat while I sleep.”
“Why do the two of you bicker so much?” Nina asked.
“I don’t know. She just doesn’t like me.”
To Nina, it seemed to be the other way around. She could still see Angie’s mouth drop when she came down the aisle to find Jason standing at the altar alone. Jack struck her as being more of a jokester than intentionally hurtful.
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