Monday, December 15, 2014

Scene #3: The Mystery Bells

Author Note: This scene still makes me laugh every time I read it.

Jack pulled off his coat and washed his hands before joining her in the kitchen.
“You’re just in time to whip,” Nina said as he walked up behind her. She turned right into his chest, sending heavy cream running down his sweater, there was a strange jingle coming from somewhere. “I am so sorry.”
The jingles continued as she grabbed a towel while Jack took the bowl.
“It was my fault for sneaking up on you.”
She patted his sweater dry, and Jack made no attempt to stop her. He liked having her close, even if meant having cream soak through his sweater.
“Where is that ringing coming from,” she asked spinning around.
Jack smiled as he grabbed her hips and the jingles stopped. He gave her hips a shake and the jingles started again.
“It’s coming from you. Do you have a piercing you haven’t told me about?” he joked.
“It’s not me,” Nina said, but when she bounced the jingles continued.
Jack reached inside her apron pocket and pulled out a handful of Christmas bells. “Must be a sign.”
“Or more like Angie and Jason.” Nina smiled.
“Those two are sickening.”
“I think they’re sweet.”
“Wonder if you’ll still think that when you look up?” Jack asked as he pointed over her head. Nina’s eyes held the distinct look of terror when she realized she was standing under the mistletoe.
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