Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blogisodes Live Chat April 29th & May 1st

So if you follow me on twitter you may have seen my postings for the following:

Contributing Writers Wanted: Must writer YA and have a good grip on dialogue

Content Editor Wanted: Must write YA and be good at catching errors

Marketing Associate Wanted: No exp. necessary, must be a social networking guru

I've been tweeting around the clock and now I'm finally ready to share what they are for.

I am developing a YA Series for my blog which will feature bi-weekly episodes (blogisodes) written by myself and a group of contributing writers.

It will be a weekend afternoon of work for a body of work that could server as a really good writing sample, and even a pub credit if the story is later complied into an ebook (just an idea I'm bouncing around)

So here's are some of the specifics:

Genre: YA Contemporary (This is a new one for me)
Length: 3 to 5K per blogisode
Time frame: Bi-Weekly Posts

I am in the final stages of drafting the pilot blogisode and story lines. And there a few rules to this series to ensure it's originality

  • No Parents

  • No Teachers

  • No Jocks

  • No Cheerleaders

  • and No Creatures of any kind

(I know! Para/UF peeps, don't worry there will definitely be a Para/UF Series in the future)

So if you're up for the challenge of writing a YA drama worthy enough for the screen, but tailor made for web; please join me for one of the info sessions.

April 29th 4pm PST/ 7pm EST


May 1st 9am PST/12pm EST

Writers of all levels are welcome, but to ensure we are on the same page, writing samples and selective reading will be required.


  1. Sounds totally fun :D I'll be there!

  2. Something came up so I can't make it tonight. I hope to make it Sunday!


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