Monday, May 2, 2011

The Last Edit (Also the hardest)

So I'm half way through my last edit of UNDISTURBED before submissions and this round is a lot more intense. Having already completed the plot, grammar, dialogue, and continuity edits, this last round is more of a punch up.

  • Sharping dialogue

  • Making scenes more memorable

  • Heightening emotional content

This is the polishing phase of the writing and it means that there are no glance overs or "it'll do" every scene has to be perfect and every kiss has to be filled with heart tugging passion.

I also find in this version that there is no time for wallowing. In previous edits I admit I had my pity parties and worried if I even have what it takes to make my stories great, but now I'm far past that stage. It's "Let's get it done" time. 6 months of editing means I've come too far. To stop now would mean that the last 10 months of my life didn't matter and I'll be damned if that happens.

And it's not like this will be the last version. There are bound to be dozens more once I find an agent and they find a publisher (I say "once" because I am determined rather than hopeful. Wishing for an agent and a book deal is one thing, actively pursuing them is another.)

My goal of this final edit is to address all the area's I've wanted to go back over and suggestions made by my editor. I want this version to be clean and readable.

I want my stories to leave an impression other than "this could have used more editing" and the time it's taken to get here, the beta readers, editors, and query critiques will some day pay off.

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