Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Stages of Literary Grief: Day 4 (Disheveled)

So after the shock of Day one, Day two was pure (Avoidance) it was a day to put all idea's and concerns out of my head for my own sanity. Sort of like the peace before the storm. I sat calmly and quietly and didn't say a word.

Day three was (Acceptance), I know a quick jump from "What the F*#k!" to "Okay I get it." so I made a choice that I would do whatever it takes to share my story with the world, even if that meant aging it down, hell even if that meant uploading it to a website for the world to read it for free, an option that's looking a lot more like a possibility with the responses I've gotten back about New Adult, the nonexistent genre that everyone is writing for but no one is repping or publishing.

I did a work up, got to writing a new first half to my novel, placing my character in high school, making her younger, and I was starting to think it might work, sure there would need some re-working of scenes and characters, but that's nothing, I could do that in my sleep.

Then I get to today. I've got 15,000words into my new story and I step back from the computer and find myself at a huge fork in the road. I realized that if I did a "find and replace" on my document and change this character name from True to [Insert name here] I would have an entirely new, stand alone novel underway. Then I ask myself: Did this story just grow it's on legs? or did I subconsciously veer off course for the preservation of my first novel? The answers, I'm not so sure of at this moment, but once I find them I'll let you know.

In the mean time it looks like a have a new novel on my hands. I have no title and no character name, but the story has got me hooked.

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  1. Run with it. I know that I have done that several times now. Well, been in the middle of editing my finished MS and then start jotting down another story. I think I have a total of six WIPs now because all the individual ideas make their own novel.

    So go for it.


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