Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Stages of Literary Grief: Day 1 (Flabbergasted)

If you listen closely you can actually hear the crack in my universe as I opened my email this morning to read an email from my editor that basically said "Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the story you've written isn't ever going to make it to the YA shelf, because your character's in college. Either set your story in high school, or pick a new genre." My choices: Women's Fiction or Contemporary Fiction, Not NA (New Adult), because apparently it's so new that no one's looking for it.

When I began this journey I asked myself "Why are there no stories being published like mine? Is there no one out there like me who loves YA to death, but gets tired of reading about 15 and 16 year olds after a while.?" Two novels later and I've guess I just found my answer.

So today is the day where I feel like my brains have been exposed on the sidewalk as I contemplate my choices.


  1. so they are saying that high school and college kids don't want to read about kids in college?

    Somehow I think they are missing out on a whole section of novels. I love YA also but I think college settings would be well accepted, especially by girls that age.

    Good luck.


  2. I think there's still a market for it T. I wouldn't take the word of one editor to dissuade you at all. Just like I wouldn't take one simple rejection from an agent to dissuade me from sending out more queries. It's his opinion, and that's all it is!

  3. My novel is about eighteen year olds at a prototype school which accepts ages up to 21. It's like a junior high with some of its rules for some of its kids, but like a junior college for others, depending on which privileges they've earned.

    I read an excerpt of a published novel where a girl younger than eighteen works hard and gets into college early. You might do something like that.


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