Wednesday, May 18, 2011

YA Critique Group Members Wanted (Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/ Contemporary)

So I've been thinking of forming a critique group for a while now, but edits for UNDISTURBED required my full attention and I didn't want to commit to something I couldn't follow through. Well I'm now embarking on new projects that won't reach the editing stage until late in the fall and I'd like to really develop a network of writers actively pursuing publication.

I know that sounds like every writer out there, but there is a clear difference in writing based on trends and creating something truly unique.

I live for unique. Stories that no one has every heard of. Romances that haven't been explored, and characters that defy the stereotypes. These are the type of stories I write and they are also the types of stories I would love to read and would be pleased to critique.

My goal for a critique group is creating an environment that is nurturing, supportive, and honest. I'd love to find critique partners who are fans of each other's stories and want to help each other succeed.

Everyone is good at something, but I'd love to develop a group who share the desire to hone their craft by reading published works and books about writing. I have an extensive library and would be more than happy to share.

All in all I'm looking for a support/critique group. The writing process is rough, time consuming, and often a lonely one. My husband and my friends don't understand my squeals about characters that don't exist outside of my head. They don't know the publishing process and what it takes. It would be nice to have a group to go to who understand what it's like to be one unknown writer in a genre millions are trying to break in everyday.

Well that's my pitch. If you're looking for a similar group please comment with your email address or fill out a contact form on: and we can see if we would be a good match.


  1. I would be interested in being part of your YA Critique Group.

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  3. Woops! Sorry about that last one!
    I would be interested in joining your crit group, if there's still room. You can check out my blog for an idea of what I write: Click on the Books/WiP tab at the top to read the query meat of two of my projects.
    If you feel I'd be a good fit, email me at

  4. I would be interested!


  5. I'm interested. However my novel is an adult urban fantasy. I would still love to be apart of the group.

  6. definitely interested.
    I write adult contemporary and YA.


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