Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebration: Confessions of The Pitch Girl pt. 2

The pitch slam has just ended and I'm like "I can't believe that just happened." I step out of the hall, shoot off a text to my girlfriends and grab a much needed cup of water. I look around for my friends and the first person I see is Nick who has good new of his own. He got partial and full requests as well.

I head out into the hall and there are tons of writers hanging around, sharing their good and bad news. The air is much lighter, but you can see some disappointment. I couldn't wait to share the good news, but I didn't want to brag about it, especially to those who's experience might not have been as eventful, so I kept tight lipped until a few of the writers asked me. they were all so sure that I would get requests and they were right. I tell three who approached me and a few others who were within ear shot join in and next thing i know there's a circle of writers standing around me listing to me and this is the coolest part, they weren't listening to me brag about how many requests i got, they were genuinely excited for me just as much as i was for them.

It was an amazing environment to be apart of, writers celebrating together and encouraging one another. I wish I could live in that type of environment everyday. I was still playing it pretty low key like "Like I got 5 for 5, but it's no big deal." and another writer who I hadn't personally met before that moment chimed in and said "That is a huge accomplishment, you should be proud of that."

I ran into Andrew on his way out and he had good news as well, not that i doubted he would, he was after all "The master pitcher." I wanted to stay and hear every one's success stories, but I had a concert I was supposed to attend in Brooklyn and was already running late.

So I head back to the studio only to find my girlfriends still out sightseeing, so I popped into the bar next door and used the time to text my husband the good news. I was expecting the girls to meet me at the bar, but they managed to sneak past me and texted me to let me know they were there.

I open the door to camera's flashing and the two of them cheering. They bought me flowers and the nicest card. (Like I said before AMAZING FRIENDS) I totally didn't expect it. They wanted to know everything. I could barely speak at this point, but I did the best that I could.

We got dressed and headed to the concert, but of course being the girls that we are we show up 30 minutes late and the they're completely out of seats, but the night wasn't lost. We found this amazing lounge with a live jazz band, who proudly played my favorite artist of all time, Jay-Z. I swear if he and Florence + the Machine did a single it would be that one song I would play for the rest of my life. But moving on. The food and music are amazing. We're meeting some of the locals and I am having the night of my life. My girlfriends are telling every person they meet to look for my book when it comes out. Mind you I don't even have an agent yet, lol.

It was getting pretty late and I was finally starting to crash, so we headed back to the studio, where I celebrated the amazing day by finally getting some sleep.

Tune back into tomorrow for the Close of the conference and my post conference meeting with an Agent.


  1. Was that your first time to NYC? Sounds like you did it in style. What a stellar experience.There is nothing quite like a night on the town NYC style!

  2. I wound up losing touch with everyone afterwards (they apologized for losing me) but I finally found a brewery to hang out in.
    Almost everyone I talked to got lots of requests.

  3. OOh, this gets better each post! =D I'll be tuning again to read the rest of this amazing experience/oppurtunity.

    YAY T!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I'm so happy that everything went well for you while you were there and have enjoyed reading all of your posts of what you experienced. How fun. I'm glad it rocked for you.


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