Thursday, December 29, 2011

11 Lessons Learned in 2011

2011 Taught me so much about writing, querying, rejection, recovering, revision, and perseverance, but the 11 lessons I take away from this year are:

  1. Follow your heart, or more your characters heart. Tell what their willing to share and let their heart be at the core of your story.

  2. It's not about what your character sees, but rather how their affected by it.

  3. It doesn't become a novel until revisions.

  4. A draft is meant to suck, that's why you're not supposed to share it with anyone.

  5. You can't write without reading. How else will you know what's out there?

  6. Take a break and step outside. You never know what will inspire you out there.

  7. Reward your accomplishments; no matter how small.

  8. Cherish your writer friends. They're the only ones who speak your language.

  9. Take beta reading seriously.

  10. Don't be afraid to experiment outside your comfort zone.

  11. And lastly Never, ever, ever GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to learning even more in the coming year and wish you all the best best for 2012.


  1. Great advice T. I had to reflect on my writing goals and rejections helped me see that I had plenty of work to do as I continue to pantsy my way towards publication as well.

    I wish you plenty of good fortunes in the New Year.

  2. Thanks for sharing - nicely said!

    Cheers to 2012 & Best wishes always!


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