Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Chapters and Strong Beginnings LIVE CHAT 9/9/10

So I've decided to put my live chat to use. I've be hosting a live chat:

Thursday Sept. 9, 2010
9-10pm EST.

Topic: First Chapters and Strong Beginning
(Space is limited to 10 participants. If I get more interest I'll upgrade for future chats, but for now it's a test run)

This topic was selected due to my current reading:

Please bring articles you've read or questions you have. we are a community of writers and together we have all comprised a wealth of knowledge we should discuss and share. If you haven't read any craft building books jot down some of the tips you've gathered from your favorite YA novel.

To nab a spot please comment on this post. The first 9 replies will be able to participate, anyone else who would like to drop my are more than welcome to follow along and shoot me an email with comments you'd like to make. If you don't make the first 9 please comment anyway so I'll know there are more people interested and can upgrade my service for the next chat.


  1. Hey T it would be so awesome to join your chat since that is what my focus is now.

  2. T.
    You know how much I have agonized over chapter 1. Please count me in. Beth


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